Arabic Mehndi designs for Hands

Arms are one of the most visible part of the human body thats why many women and young girls have Arabic Mehandi Designs on their arms so that they could show off their beauty to their guests and relatives on festival or wedding ceremony.

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As it is like in Indian Mehndi Designs, Arabic Mehndi Design for Hands are applied on to hands with the help of a cone. Its a skill to make beautiful mehndi designs to hands and not all can do it with perfection. Once you have a beautiful mehndi desing in your mind then its just matter of apply it on the hands.

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 A little practice is needed and you can convert you imaginations into beautiful Arabic mehndi designs instantly. Even boys now a days have different tatoos on their arms with Mehndi.

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There are a lot of types of Mehndi designs avaible. Few of them are Arabic Mehndi designs, Pakistani Mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, etc.

Its nature of human, or I should say nature of girls, that they need a new and fresh design, whenever they do mehndi. It is this nature, in 2011 Diwali we have for you a lot of new and fresh designs which will help you to be standout in the crowd with you beautiful hands and legs. When Diwali comes in October and November days of this year 2011, we shall make sure that you have the best design to show off to your friends and relatives with our latest designs specially handpicked for you.

 Last year also we had updated a lot of designs, but we deleted all of those designs and made a fresh compilation of the latest trends and fasion in Arabic mehndi design.
Since we don't want you to land on an outdated trends and fasion, we have deleted all of the old stocks.

 In 2011, a lot of trends have been changed the way we dress and fasion. With more and more beauty parlours coming up and they also do mehndi designs also. They usually re-use their old designs and chances are high that you probably will get a copy of mehndi desing which someone else have on their hands. And thats, I bet, the last thing which you would want to see after your Mehndi design is over.

 Thats why we are here to give you Unique and latest designs, which we dont keep for next year also. Also since this is on internet, chances of your neighbour having the same design is 1 in a billion..!

Thanks a lot and pls do comment on my design collection....

All desings colleted by and Article updated by this website Admin : Seema Gardi/ Kesapure


  1. Wow such beautiful designs!!! I love mehdni designs so much that a have a few real tattoos done in mehdni style. Left top of hand. Left thigh and knee are and going around my entire neck. Wow I am soooo impressed by your designs. The detailing is soo intricate. I can smell the eucaleptus oil from here. LoL!

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  4. really nice mehndi designs....gud work...!!

  5. This selection of mehandi designs totally rock!
    Love your choices.

    Love hugs and cheers xxx

  6. Oh wow! You've got a nice and gorgeous collection of mehndi designs especially the ones with intricate patterns. I am so awed and lemme share this to my Pinterest board. Regards!

  7. It's great to see such awesome designs .. i noticed these arabic mehndi designs here also.. And some more for Diwali mehndi. Both are nice designs..